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Nearshore Virtual Assistant Services

Nearshore virtual assistant service provide professional and reliable remote support to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our virtual assistants are skilled in various administrative tasks, communication management, and organizational support, offering a seamless extension of your team. Whether it’s managing emails, scheduling appointments, or handling data entry, our remote administrative support services ensure that your day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. By entrusting administrative tasks to our virtual assistants, you can focus on core business activities while enjoying the benefits of a well-organized and responsive support system.

Our virtual assistants are adept at providing remote administrative support for tasks such as document preparation, calendar management, and travel arrangements, allowing you to stay organized and productive without the need for in-house administrative staff. With a commitment to professionalism and confidentiality, our virtual assistants handle sensitive information and communication with the utmost discretion and care.

At ViseTech, In addition to administrative tasks, our virtual assistants offer remote support for various operational needs, including project coordination, customer service, and research assistance. By leveraging the expertise of our virtual assistants, you can streamline your business processes, improve productivity, and maintain a professional and responsive image in your interactions with clients and stakeholders.

With remote administrative support as a core component of our virtual assistant services, we ensure that your administrative needs are met with efficiency and precision. Whether you require ongoing support or assistance with specific projects, our virtual assistants are dedicated to providing reliable and effective remote administrative support tailored to your unique requirements.

Remote administrative support provides professional assistance for administrative tasks from a remote location. Our virtual assistants handle scheduling, data entry, and communication management, ensuring seamless operations.

Virtual office management offers remote management of administrative tasks, including document preparation, calendar management, and correspondence, providing efficient support for your virtual office.

Business process outsourcing involves delegating specific business processes to external service providers, streamlining operations and driving efficiency. Our services cover a range of processes, including customer service, data entry, and administrative support.

Online business assistants provide remote support for various business tasks, including scheduling, email management, and research, enhancing productivity and organization for online businesses.

Virtual assistants for startups offer specialized support for entrepreneurs and small businesses, handling administrative tasks, customer service, and project coordination to support business growth.

Virtual assistance for entrepreneurs provides remote administrative support for busy entrepreneurs, offering assistance with scheduling, email management, and other administrative tasks to streamline operations.

Virtual team administrative services offer comprehensive remote support for teams, including document management, project coordination, and communication support, ensuring efficient collaboration and operations.

Our Pricing

Basic 5

Virtual Assistant

  • 5 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $13/hr
  • Additional hour rate $14/ hr
  • Rollover NA
Basic 10

Virtual Assistant

  • 10 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $12/hr
  • Additional hour rate $13/ hr
  • Rollover NA
Basic 20

Virtual Assistant

  • 20 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $10/hr
  • Additional hour rate $12/ hr
  • Rollover NA
Plus 120

Virtual Assistant

  • 120 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $7.5/hr
  • Additional hour rate $8.5/ hr
  • Rollover max 24 hrs
Plus 160

Virtual Assistant

  • 160 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $7/hr
  • Additional hour rate $8/ hr
  • Rollover max 32 hrs
Pay As You Go

Virtual Assistant

  • 0 hours included per month
  • Hourly rate $15/hr
  • Additional hour NA
  • Rollover NA
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