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Managed IT support services

Managed IT support services provide comprehensive technical assistance and maintenance for businesses, ensuring that their IT infrastructure operates smoothly and efficiently. Our services encompass proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution of IT issues, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while we handle their IT needs. With a team of experienced technicians and IT professionals, we offer reliable support for networks, hardware, software, and cybersecurity, addressing a wide range of IT challenges.

In addition to day-to-day support, our managed IT services include strategic IT consulting to help businesses align their technology with their overall business goals. Our IT consulting and strategy services involve assessing current IT systems, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a roadmap for technology implementation and optimization. By leveraging our expertise in IT consulting and strategy, businesses can make informed decisions about their technology investments and ensure that their IT infrastructure supports their long-term business objectives.

IT Services

Furthermore, At ViseTech, our managed IT support services offer proactive maintenance and security measures to prevent potential IT issues and protect businesses from cyber threats. With regular system updates, data backups, and security protocols, we help businesses mitigate risks and maintain the integrity of their IT environment.

Professional network services provide expert installation, configuration, and maintenance of business networks, ensuring seamless connectivity and data sharing.

IT project management services offer expert oversight and coordination of IT projects, ensuring timely delivery and successful implementation of technology initiatives.

Cybersecurity and data protection services focus on safeguarding sensitive information and mitigating cyber threats through advanced security measures and data encryption.

Tech support for small businesses offers reliable technical assistance and troubleshooting for small business IT systems, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

Technology upgrade services involve the assessment, planning, and execution of technology upgrades to enhance business operations and keep up with evolving industry standards.

Business IT setup services provide comprehensive support for setting up IT infrastructure, including hardware installation, software configuration, and network setup, ensuring a smooth transition to new technology solutions.


Unlock the full potential of Salesforce services to propel your business forward. Our team specializes in Salesforce implementation, customization, and integration, tailored to meet your unique needs. From streamlining workflows to enhancing customer experiences, we offer comprehensive solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

Maximize productivity with expert Salesforce consulting, guiding you through every stage of implementation and optimization. Harness the power of Salesforce’s robust features, including automation, analytics, and AI, to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. With our dedicated support and training, you can empower your team to leverage Salesforce effectively and achieve measurable results.

Partner with us to transform your business operations and stay ahead in today’s competitive market. Experience the difference Salesforce services can make for your organization’s success.

Benefit from expert guidance in Salesforce implementation and optimization. Our consultants provide strategic insights to align Salesforce with your business goals, ensuring maximum efficiency and ROI.

Optimize your sales process with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions seamlessly to drive revenue growth and enhance sales performance.

Deliver exceptional customer service with Salesforce Service Cloud. Streamline case management, provide personalized support, and build lasting customer relationships with this powerful service solution.

Accelerate development cycles and improve collaboration with Salesforce DevOps. Implement automated processes, continuous integration, and agile methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions faster and more efficiently.

Experience a modern and intuitive user interface with Salesforce Lightning. Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and customize your Salesforce experience to match your business needs and preferences.

Foster collaboration and engagement with Salesforce Communities. Build online communities for customers, partners, and employees to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and drive innovation together.

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with custom development solutions. Our team of developers specializes in building tailored applications and integrations to extend Salesforce's capabilities and meet your unique requirements.

Connect Salesforce with your existing systems seamlessly with Salesforce Integration. Streamline data flow, automate processes, and gain a unified view of your business operations for better decision-making and efficiency.

Receive dedicated support and maintenance for your Salesforce instance. Our team of experts ensures smooth operation, resolves issues promptly, and provides ongoing guidance to maximize the value of your investment.

Empower your team with comprehensive Salesforce training. From basic navigation to advanced features, our training programs are designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed with Salesforce.

Oracle Fusion & ERP, DB, Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems, OBIEE, Forms & Reports, ADF, Middle ware

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REDIS, MySQL, Couchbase, YugabyteDB, Cassandra, Hive 

Database Provisioning & Best Practices
High Availability (HA) Deployments
Disaster Recovery (DR) Setup
Migration, Upgrades and Patching
Advanced Security Configuration
Data Life Cycle Management
Database Consolidation
Performance Tuning
System Health Checks
Backup & Recovery Solution Design
Capacity Planning
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control Setup
Cloud Migration
Customized Trainings
Managed Services
Resident Engineer
Database Migration & Integration
Remote database administration services
Database Performance Tuning

Harness the power of data with seamless integration using Microsoft SQL Server. Leverage intuitive visualization tools and insightful analytics through Power BI for informed decision-making and business growth.

Optimize your operations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for robust server and infrastructure solutions. Scale seamlessly, ensure reliability, and enhance performance to meet the demands of your evolving business landscape.

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